From which side would the web be woven between the ruled and the rulers? Joined at the hip. Strained to bursting point. In a framework of steel and wood, They play, exchange, break and remain silent.


audiovisual stage production for Ensemble Modern/ CRESC... Biennale, 2015 

as a short film, 2019







directed, produced & animated by // IRINA RUBINA

musical composition 'schakal' // MARTIN GRÜTTER

stage design // HANNAH EBENAU

projection mapping // PAULA SCHWABE

musicians // JOHANNES SCHWARZ  | contraforte

                     SAAR BERGER | horn

                     SAVA STOIANOV | trumpet

                     VALENTIN GARVIE | trumpet

                     UWE DIERKSEN | trombone




International Animated Film Festival Animator 2019 - BEST MUSIC FILM

Retro Avant Garde Film Festival Cairo 2020 - BEST RETRO AVANT GARDE SHORT FILM



Furore Festival. International Festival for Young Theater // ENSAV Corrida Audiovisuel // Sardinia Film Festival 2019 // ITFS Internationales Trickfilm Festival Stuttgart // 37th International Festival of Films on Art (FIFA) // 4th ANIMATION MARATHON // Animex Awards 2019 // Insomnia International Open-Air Animation Film Festival 2019 // BEAST International Film Festival 2019 // AVANCA 2019 // 12th.International Animated Film Festival Animator 2019 // INTERNATIONAL ZINEMA SCHOOL FEST // Oaxaca FilmFest 9 // Istanbul International Experimental Film Festival // PRIX EUROPA 2019 // Global University Film Awards 2020, HONG KONG // Fisura, International Festival of Experimental Film & Video 2020 // Mediawave Film Festival, Hungary